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We offer a comprehensive suite of real estate legal services, from closings to property litigation, and even landlord/lessee advising.  Below, you will find all of the prices for each of my law firm’s services.  I want you to know what I can do for you, and exactly how much it will cost.

practice areas

We Can Do It All

Whatever your personal or business needs for real estate law, my firm is well equipped to meet your needs.  Closings, Title, Commercial Sales, Foreclosure and Property Litigation are all within our wheelhouse.  Trust us and we will deliver you a hassle-free experience that leaves money in your pocket.

Foreclosure defense

I started my career defending homeowners who could not get the banks to help.  We take over your financial stress and work with the bank to solve your troubles and make sure your family can move on.  Prices start at $450/mo.

Title Insurance

If you want to sell your home in Illinois, you will first need to obtain title insurance.  We work with a number of vendors to slash prices to pass savings to you.

Real Estate Closings

Whether you’re selling your investment or buying your dream house, you will need a lawyer at closing.  My firm has handled countless closings without a hitch.  Prices start at just $100.

Property Litigation

Whether you had an unanticipated special assessment, a problem with your team or a property line dispute, we take care of our clients and solve problems.  We’re not afraid of the courtroom and provide excellent representation, starting at just $250/hr.


Rental Property Advising

We help landlords manage their properties to comply with tenants’ rights.  Similarly, we happily represent tenants seeking to get fair treatment from their landlords.  We are happy to draft your lease, review your finances and understand your relationships.  Prices start at $250/hr

our Process

Let Us Handle the Frustration

Start with case analysis

Every client gets a free hour of consultation so we can best understand what is troubling them.  Take as long as you want, give me any number of documents to review.  I want to take on your problems and I won’t let you leave until I understand the issues.  Get it off your chest, and put it onto my agenda.

planning out progress

We take your unique transaction and its unique facts and put them into an easily digestible calendar of deadlines.  That lets us keep track of every responsibility that you will have and stay on top of this fast-paced market.  We never leave a client behind.

cross the finish line

By the time our clients need to act, we make sure they are expertly prepared and knowledgeable about the situation.  Whether it’s a closing table, arbitration or final settlement, we keep you up to date so you are always in control and make the final decisions.


Trusted by Homeowners and Investors Just Like You


Our Real Estate Business based on Our Total Cases

Justin is attentive, isn’t afraid to pick up the phone to communicate, and help to solve solutions, rather than adding to the problems. When it comes to foreclosure business, he is plugged into a network that helps him be effective and efficient. I look forward to continued business.

Chris L

Former Client, Realtor

I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am with the services provided by Justin Abdilla in our foreclosure case. Justin has worked on our case for several years and has kept us in our home all this time against great odds.

Linda C

Former Client

Justin Abdilla and his team aided in helping me save my home. Now, 2 years later, myself – my husband and our 3 children remain in our home that we love. I am paying a mortgage on time with a payment I can afford. Justin is professional, passionate about his career and the people he helps and highly intelligent.


Former Client

invest in your community and help it grow

My Promise to You

I promise you that I will equip you with the means to complete your transaction, even if you choose other representation. I want to see Chicago and its suburbs prosper through quality housing, strong business and a great community relationship between the two. I am giving away my roadmap to success in Real Estate, and I’ll never charge you for it. Together, let’s make the Windy City a better place for all of us.


Pricing Models For Every Budget

Quality Representation doesn’t have to break your bank.  We believe in serving this community above all else.  My consultations are always free, and we will work with our clients to find a price that fits their budget.

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