The Carrington Short Sale Guide

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Selling your home in a short sale helps you move on without big debts. Let’s look into how to start fresh with Carrington Mortgage.

The Truist Short Sale Guide

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Are you struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments on your Illinois home? If so, you’re not alone. Financial setbacks can happen to anyone, and getting through those challenges can be overwhelming. If your lender is Truist Bank, and you are trying to figure out a way out of debt, this is the right article for learning how to do short sales.

We Won’t be Bribed. Don’t Support the Biden Homebuyer Tax Credit

President Joe Biden has proposed an annual tax credit that would give lower-income Americans $9,600 over the next two years to help with the financing of their first or second home. Sounds great, right? This tax platform will be an unmitigated, $806,400,000,000.00 disaster that our grandchildren’s children will owe eighty years from now. I arrive […]

What is a Due Diligence Lawyer and What Do They Do?

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Mitigating risk is key when venturing into any business deal, and this is where a due diligence attorney comes into play. This article explores how such a lawyer can help you identify potential issues, ensure legal compliance, and safeguard your investments. Discover how the right legal support can provide the reassurance and security you need to move forward confidently with your business transactions.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Buy or Sell in Illinois?

real estate attorney justin abdilla

In Illinois, a real estate attorney is crucial for a smooth property transaction. We provide legal advice, prepare and review necessary paperwork, and resolve any title issues. By acting in your best interest, we ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Our skills can prevent costly mistakes, making your real estate transaction more secure and less stressful. Save money with a great real estate attorney today.

Will Two Extra Mortgage Payments a Year Cut my Mortgage in Half?

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Discover the financial benefits of making extra payments on your mortgage. Learn how additional payments can significantly reduce the overall interest and shorten the loan term. This comprehensive guide explores the advantages of making extra payments, how they impact your mortgage balance, and the potential savings. Empower yourself with knowledge and tips to maximize your mortgage payoff strategy, leading to long-term financial success and increased home equity.

Commercial Lease Lawyer Services in Chicago

Commercial Real Estate Law

Explore the world of commercial lease law with Abdilla and Associates. Our experienced attorneys help simplify complex leasing agreements and protect your business interests. Dive into crucial topics like lease negotiation, buildout rights, and dispute resolution. Stay informed and make confident decisions for your business’s future success.

Ask An Eviction Lawyer 5: Understanding the Chicago RLTO

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Get the inside scoop on Chicago’s RLTO! This informative article breaks down the rights, responsibilities, and legal remedies for both landlords and tenants. Stay informed and empower yourself with this must-read lawyer-written guide. 🏘️👩‍⚖️👨‍⚖️