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Hi, I’m Justin.  I am a Chicago Real Estate Attorney.  We help people who are looking for Chicago real estate services, Chicago real estate lawyers or who want to learn about Chicago real estate law.  If you are interested in Chicago area properties, this page will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision before entering into any contract.  We do real estate closings, wholesales, evictions, landlord law, Chicago RLTO law, and many other kinds of service you’d expect from a real estate attorney near you.

I have represented hundreds of families and small businesses just like yours. Our Chicago real estate law firm is proactive, responsive, and ready to act on your behalf. I know Chicago real estate. I understand Chicagoland properties. And I have the expertise to be your go-to Chicago attorney.

Legal Solutions for Every Real Estate Law Problem

What does your real estate law firm do better?

Your Chicago real estate attorney is going to be there for you if you have any legal questions or issues that pertain to the real estate market. Whether it’s about your mortgage, escrow, closing costs, neighbors on your property lines, encroachment claims, or foreclosure — this Chicago real estate attorney can help.  We will navigate you through these issues and get adjusted to your new home.

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Jason Taken

Of Counsel on Matters of probate, finance and real estate law


After graduating Loyola University Chicago in 2019, Mr. Taken has made a quick and significant impact on Chicago in terms of real estate law, funding and probate law. He is the principal attorney of Taken Law, PLLC and Jaken Finance Group.

Justin Abdilla

Principal Attorney

Principal Attorney

Brian Goodrich

Of Counsel on matters of regulation, eviction and real estate law


After graduating Loyola University Chicago in 2012, Brian has become a world traveler working in locations such as Chicago, Singapore and Eastern Europe. He appears on many cases for the firm in Chicago and surrounding counties.

three steps to success

Masterful Chicago Real Estate Attorneys

Our attorneys just get real estate law in Chicago.  For us, the process is as simple as 1 – 2 – 3


Ask the Right questions

You’re the client.  You know the case.  It’s our job to understand your unique story and get to how we can help you.


Use The Most cost-Effective solutions

You don’t want to go to Court – you want the problem solved.  That’s why we try to reach out and simply talk about the issues so we can be the most successful.


Fight For You in Court

But sometimes – we’ve got to know when to stand up for our clients.  If we’re going into a fight, we plan on winning.

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