Quantitative Tightening and Inverted Market Economics of Housing

quantitative tightening and modern monetary theory

Reuters just published an article announcing a leak from the Federal Reserve about the beginning of Quantitative Tightening – https://www.reuters.com/business/calling-time-qe-central-banks-prep-synchronized-asset-cull-2022-04-19/. What, you might ask is that? For the last decade, the Banks have been adding money to their balance sheets at the end of every day. This is called Quantitative Easing. They do this through […]

Eviction Moratorium Ends in Illinois on October 3!

eviction moratorium landslide of cases in illinois

The Illinois eviction moratorium is over on October 3. The new Illinois executive order 2021-23 preserves most covid regulations through October 16 but ends the ban on evictions on October 3. With these new changes, landlords are now able to evict tenants for a variety of reasons, including non-payment of rent. Landlords should be sure […]

The Illinois Short Sale Guide – NEW for 2023 and COVID

two people climbing a mountain hand in hand for short sale rescue illustration

Short sales are the best way for our Chicago community to face financial hardship. A short sale attorney can eliminate debt and help you get your life back. By explaining your difficulties to the Bank, negotiating the price and working with the Court, we rescue homeowners from debt.

Foreclosure Attorney Explains – 7 Steps to Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law

illustration of man pushing money up a hill for foreclosure attorney article

As of May 25, 2020, Illinois attorneys estimated that 605,000 Illinoisans will enter into eviction or foreclosure this year. To be sure, those numbers do sound bleak. But, the process is easily navigated if you have a great foreclosure attorney. Learn your options in court, or learn about how to save your home and your money with a great foreclosure lawyer.

Remote Closings in Illinois – Can Real Estate be Contactless?

stay home design for covid19 contactless closings with floorplan

Last week, my entire LinkedIn was buzzing about how to do a “contactless closing.” For many real estate closing attorneys, remote closings represent our best chance of staying normal in our markets. But, Illinois has non-conforming electronic transactions laws. How do we do it? Is there help for doing remote closing in Illinois? What can we do during the COVID era?

Dual Agency? Rights, Realtors, and Lawyers.

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While dual agency agreements allow buyers and sellers to save money and better project costs, both parties will never truly get the maximum benefit they would in an adversarial transaction.