Quantitative Tightening and Inverted Market Economics of Housing

quantitative tightening and modern monetary theory

Reuters just published an article announcing a leak from the Federal Reserve about the beginning of Quantitative Tightening – https://www.reuters.com/business/calling-time-qe-central-banks-prep-synchronized-asset-cull-2022-04-19/. What, you might ask is that? For the last decade, the Banks have been adding money to their balance sheets at the end of every day. This is called Quantitative Easing. They do this through […]

The Illinois Short Sale Guide – NEW for 2023 and COVID

two people climbing a mountain hand in hand for short sale rescue illustration

Short sales are the best way for our Chicago community to face financial hardship. A short sale attorney can eliminate debt and help you get your life back. By explaining your difficulties to the Bank, negotiating the price and working with the Court, we rescue homeowners from debt.

Dual Agency? Rights, Realtors, and Lawyers.

two young men reviewing a laptop for dual agency article

While dual agency agreements allow buyers and sellers to save money and better project costs, both parties will never truly get the maximum benefit they would in an adversarial transaction.

For Sale by Owner – 6 Questions for FSBO Due Diligence

For Sale by Owner Home with Many signs that look crazy

For Sale By Owner. FSBO. These words often mean a seller looking to save money, but how do you protect yourself as a buyer? As an attorney, it’s my job to save your money by showing you where you must spend and where you can save.

SB1872: How a New Illinois Law Prohibits Wholesaling

wholesale home real estate

On the first of January, 2020, the State of Illinois passed SB1872, and effectively outlawed real estate wholesaling in Illinois. Undoubtedly, many investors are scrambling to find a business model that fits the new law. So, today we will answer three questions: First, what is Real Estate Wholesaling? Second, why did Illinois make wholesaling houses […]